Insight about Learning and Growth

One of the hallmarks of the University Conduct Process at the University of Notre Dame is for a student's Rector and/or a University Support Person to share insight about the student's "learning and growth" at Conferences and Hearings.

Insight about learning and growth provides a student with an opportunity to reflect on how others have seen him/her develop during their relationship.

The role of the University Support Person is to provide moral support for the student and to share insight about the student’s learning and growth related to the incident. The role of the University Support Person is not intended to be a character reference.

The Office of Community Standards seeks to gain insight about how a student has learned from an incident, how a student has changed their behavior (related to the incident) over a period of time, and/or other observations about how the student has developed in their time at the University. 

Questions about participation by Rectors and University Support Persons can be directed to the Office of Community Standards at