Office of Community Standards Update- Monday, March 16, 2020

As the University remains open during the time period that classes will be conducted online, the Office of Community Standards staff will continue to be available remotely, during regular business hours, for students who are away from campus. Staff will remain active and engaged via email and will be available to schedule virtual meetings to support and serve students.  

If you need to contact the Office of Community Standards for general information, please call 574-631-5551 or email Office of Community Standards staff email addresses are provided below as your first point of contact to ensure that you reach them quickly.  For the most up to date information about the University’s response to COVID-19, visit

Director - Heather Ryan/
Assistant Director - Jamine Padilla-Coley/
Assistant Director - Dan Riemersma/
Assistant Director - Rachelle Simon/
Administrative Assistant - Sherri Walsh/

The Office of Community Standards educates the campus community on expectations for student conduct and administers formative and developmentally-based opportunities rooted in the Holy Cross tradition to challenge students to reflect on their choices, take responsibility for their actions, and understand the balance between the needs of the individual as well as the University community.

Our themes guide our work in student development and formation:

Learning outcomes have been established to reflect a commitment to holistic development. Students that participate in the University Conduct Process will be able to:

  • gain insight about their values.
  • understand how their decisions impact themselves and others in the community.
  • articulate the University's expectations for conduct.
  • create a plan to make better decisions.
  • make decisions which align with their values and the University's expectations.

Questions about the Office of Community Standards can be directed to our staff.

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