Information about du Lac: A Guide to Student Life

du Lac: A Guide to Student Life

du Lac: A Guide to Student Life is Notre Dame's online student handbook.  The du Lac website contains the codes, rules, regulations and policies which establish the official parameters for student life at Notre Dame. These standards have been formulated as appropriate by the Academic Council, the Campus Life Council, and the respective administrative officers of the University and are binding on all Notre Dame students. It is the students’ responsibility to be aware of these expectations and conduct themselves accordingly as members of the Notre Dame community. All the codes, rules, regulations and policies, etc., are in effect for all Notre Dame students — undergraduate, graduate, and professional, full or part-­time, on and off campus. Responsible behavior is expected of Notre Dame students wherever they may be.

All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the University Standards of Conduct as set forth on this website. Questions about the University's Standards of Conduct or the Conduct Process can be directed to the Office of Community Standards.
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